January 19, 2020

We invite you to peruse our department resources and links.

The mission of the Education Service Center Region 2 Language Arts Department is to support and promote successful language art classrooms, aligned to both national and state standards to facilitate the highest level of language arts proficiency attainable by all learners.

ELAR Consultants look forward to helping your districts create a learning environment for your teachers and students that have a positive and lasting impact on classroom performance. At Region 2, we believe our success is measured in the eyes of a child.                                                   

**TEKS Resource System Update **   Wow.png

Look for these updates to the TEKS Resource System on December 4, 2019!

- Ability to unselect both ELPS and Developing TEKS on IFD Printer Friendly PDF (excluding ELAR/SLAR for the time being)
- Homepage photo carousel will cycle on a loop once again
- Bloom's and Webb's Depth of Knowledge phrasing updated in Assessment Creator (item edit view)
- Submit feedback icon added back onto assessment view ( Assessment Editor page) for al TCPMC items
- New District Content Admin assessment item review page (for vetting items submitted by District Content Creators)
- Alterations to Performance Assessment table format (this only affects TCMPC Admins on the “edit” page)


**TEA Updates**

2017 Adoption: K-12 Vertical Alignment

**Check Out This New Teaching Resource!**   Updated.png

The Digital Public Library of America has primary source sets that tie with content taught in ELAR such as Beloved and To Kill a Mockingbird. This resource may provide students context for whatever they are reading!


**Nicole Hohensee, the ELAR Content Coordinator for the TEKS Resource System, wanted to let everyone know that they have posted contractor positions for ELAR Elementary (Grades 2-5) and ELAR Middle School assessment development. They are needing to hire these positions rather quickly so visit this link and apply today!

**Remember: The new high school TEKS will not be used until 2020-2021 school year!

** New STAAR Assessed Curriculum Documents Now Available!

TEA has released the Assessed Curriculum documents. You can find them through the link below (scroll about halfway down the page). As of yet, the side-by-sides have not been republished, but we will be keeping an eye out for that. As more new information comes available, we will be happy to share it. 


**Teacher Tips

- Consider using Word Walls in your secondary classrooms! This can have a tremendous impact on your students' sight word and vocabulary retention. Most importantly, it can remind us to use the new vocabulary in our classrooms when we read, write, listen, and speak!

- Consider using your vertical alignment documents when introducing new standards in order to remind students what they've already learned and where they are going in their instruction. Demonstrating to your students how grade-level skills are scaffolded over time is both powerful and inclusive. 

Learn more about the pillars of reading in our upcoming workshop, "Innovative Approaches to Reading and Writing Series: Utilizing the New TEKS to Build Reading and Writing Capacity" (1533392) coming October 10, 2019!



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